Hogan Lovells’ SCC tool for international data transfers

The European Commission published a set of modernized Standard Contractual Transfers (“new SCC”) that can be relied upon in order to carry out international transfers of personal data to third party recipients located outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). These new SCC are structured into four “modules” that comprise different rights and obligations for the contracting parties, depending on their role as either data controller or data processor. Our team would like to lend a helping hand to any organization currently getting to grips with the new SCC and, to that end, is happy to present its SCC generator tool (“SCC Tool”) that will assist in generating the core clauses needed to adduce adequate safeguards for a particular transfer as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

You can access our SCC Tool at:

Hogan Lovells SCC Tool (free registration required)

The SCC Tool is intended to allow for a simple, quick and streamlined creation of templates for all four “modules” of the SCC. It will guide you through the process by asking all the necessary questions to confirm the various elements (both mandatory and optional) that must be either selected or completed, as appropriate in order to generate the appropriate clauses. With the preview functionality, you may view your selections and insertions in real time. The generated SCC documents can be downloaded in word-format for each of the four modules adopted by the European Commission.

Our Privacy and Cybersecurity is of course available to assist in case of any questions you may have when using SCC Tool, such as when assessing the roles of controllers and processors or the legally binding integration of the generated clauses into underlying service contracts or intra-group agreements.

We hope that you will find our SCC Tool useful and we’ll happily welcome any feedback at scctool@hoganlovells.com.


Authored by: Eduardo Ustaran, Henrik Hanssen, Laur Badin, Paula Garcia, Filippo Raso, and Nick Westbrook.

Eduardo Ustaran
Henrik Hanssen


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