Proof in Trial

A podcast series by Hogan Lovells

A wrongful conviction that led to a death row sentence; a politician fighting to save his reputation; a tech company whose trade secrets were stolen. In this podcast series, some of the best trial lawyers in the business share the inside stories of their most high-profile and dramatic cases. What does it take to win in the courtroom and what’s at stake if you don’t? Hogan Lovells' Proof in Trial podcast series delves into these questions and more.

Hosted by partner Cate Stetson.

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Episode 1: ResMan v. Karya and Expedien

Nick Olsen spent years developing ResMan, a game-changing property management software and company. The future looked bright; until he discovered one of the company’s own clients trying to steal that software – his life’s work. Determined to fight back, ResMan teamed up with a team of tenacious trial lawyers from international law firm Hogan Lovells to take that client and their co-conspirator to court in a high-stakes case that played out during the COVID-19 pandemic and led to a jury verdict that surprised everyone. This is the story of ResMan v. Karya and Expedien.

Featuring Maria Wyckoff Boyce, Cristina Rodriguez, Jillian Beck, Jennifer Bevilacqua, and Cate Stetson.

Episode 2: The People of the State of New York v. Lazar Feygin et al.

In this episode, we follow a veteran lawyer and his first-year associate as they try to save a respected politician from a lengthy prison sentence. Alec Brook-Krasny was a highly regarded New York Assemblyman when he left politics and took a job at a laboratory. Unbeknownst to him, the clinic would soon be at the center of a "pill mill" investigation by the DEA. Alec was swept up in the case and turned to a top team of Hogan Lovells trial lawyers for help. This case is The People of the State of New York v. Lazar Feygin et al.

Featuring Jim McGovern, Jonathan Coppola, and Cate Stetson.

Episode 3: Gilliam and Tarlton v. Robeson County et al.

Two black teenagers in North Carolina, Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, spent three decades in prison for a crime they did not commit – after police officers forced them to falsely confess. In this episode, we’ll follow a team of Hogan Lovells trial lawyers passionately committed to righting an egregious wrong. Their dedication resulted in the largest wrongful-conviction verdict in American history. This is the case of Gilliam and Tarlton v. Robeson County et al.

Featuring Des Hogan, Cate Stetson, Liz Lockwood, and David Maxwell.

Episode 4: Federal Trade Commission et al v. Thomas Jefferson University and Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

In the middle of a pandemic, a hospital serving one of the poorest urban areas in the country was in financial jeopardy. It was a part of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, a 150-year-old health care service dedicated to the community of Philadelphia. A merger deal was struck with another health care network, one that would sustain the hospital for the long term. But then the government tried to block the deal. Einstein turned to a team of lawyers from Hogan Lovells for help, including antitrust specialists and litigators with roots in the community of Philadelphia. Against the odds, and a 19-year FTC winning streak in these cases, they fought to prove that competition was alive and well, and saving this health care system was critical to securing a lifeline to the community. This is the case of The Federal Trade Commission et al v. Thomas Jefferson University and Albert Einstein Healthcare Network.

Featuring Virginia Gibson, Justin Bernick, Stephen Loney, Leigh Oliver, and Cate Stetson.


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