Proof in Trial : Public Prosecutor v. Bernard Petit et. al

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Bernard Petit spent his career working his way up through the ranks and was the head of the Judicial police in Paris when crises struck that shocked the country while the whole world watched. Rocked by two terrorist attacks in 2015, he led the investigations which resulted in successfully apprehending the terrorists in just three days. He was at the pinnacle of his career when it all suddenly crumbled beneath him. Bernard was stripped of his badge and forced to resign over allegations he leaked secrets about another investigation. Seven years later, he finally got his chance to walk into court, face his accuser and try to clear his name. This is the story of the Public Prosecutor v. Bernard Petit et. al.

Public Prosecutor v. Bernard Petit et. al


A high-stakes U.S. Supreme Court case with precedent-setting ramifications on federal elections, an NCAA basketball team fighting for its future, and a false allegation that ended the career of a prominent police chief in France. In Proof in Trial Season 3, we delve into these high-profile cases with some of the best lawyers in the business. What does it take to win in the courtroom and what’s at stake if you don’t? Proof in Trial is a series from international law firm Hogan Lovells. Hosted by Cate Stetson.

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