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Updated May 2024

Tune into episodes of the ‘HL PensionsPod’ for a unique insight into topical issues affecting the UK pension industry. The podcast series, hosted by members of the UK pensions team, delivers practical and accessible advice to employers and pension trustees.

In each episode, the team provides insight into need-to-know legal and commercial updates affecting the industry.

Explore all episodes in our podcast series below.


Episode 13: Handling members' complaints and correcting mistakes (21 May 2024) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, pension Partner Duncan Buchanan and Senior Associate Jim Davis discuss correcting mistakes and handling members’ complaints including tips for trustees when handling complaints, the PO determination of Mr E, the recent CMG case, and more.


Episode 12: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion - one year on (26 March 2024) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, Jade Rigby is joined by special guests Katie Walker (Lane Clark and Peacock), Joe Craig (Quietroom) and Sarah Brennan (Dalriada Trustees), to discuss what has been seen in practice one year since the diversity, equality and inclusion guidance from TPR.


Episode 11: The changing pensions landscape in 2024 (09 January 2024) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, Pension partners Katie Banks and Duncan Buchanan look at the year ahead for defined benefit schemes, discussing tax and the abolition of the lifetime allowance, the regulatory landscape, some upcoming cases and more. 


Episode 10: Capital-backed journey plans: what you need to know (03 January 2024) 

In the first 2024 episode of HL PensionsPod, Katie Banks, Partner, and Jim Davis, Senior Associate, discuss what a capital-backed journey plan is, who would use a capital-backed journey plan, what trustees should be thinking about when considering a capital-backed journey plan, and more. 


Episode 9: Climate reports for pension schemes (24 October 2023) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, pension Partner Duncan Buchanan is joined by pension Associate Jade Rigby to discuss climate reporting for pension schemes. Join us to find out what exactly TCFD means, what schemes climate reporting applies to, the key obligations to look out for and more.


Episode 8: Cyber incidents: are you prepared? (19 June 2023) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, Beth Sheehan, a Senior Associate in the Pensions team, is joined by Sara Marinoni, an Associate in the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity team, to discuss the topical issue of cyber incidents and how trustees can prepare and respond to them.


Episode 7: A guide to Annual Allowance (11 April 2023)

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, pension Partner Duncan Buchanan is joined by Associate Amol Chalisgaonkar to discuss all things annual allowance, including what the annual allowance is, how to calculate the amount of annual allowance used up, the use of “carry forward”, and what to do if you exceed the annual allowance.


Episode 6: The changing defined benefit landscape in 2023 (24 January 2023) 

In the first 2023 episode of HL PensionsPod, Pension partners Katie Banks and Duncan Buchanan look at the year ahead for defined benefit pension schemes, discussing the changes in the political and regulatory landscape, and what is to come for trustees and administrators including pensions dashboards, new DB funding code, TCFD reporting and more.


Episode 5: Reassuring members on the journey from buy-in to buy-out (6 December 2022) 

In this episode of HL PensionsPod, Hogan Lovells Pension partner Duncan Buchanan is joined by special guests Peter Rennalls and Richard Seymour from the Pensions Transfer Team at Pension Insurance Corporation to investigate just how much work goes on behind the scenes to reassure policyholders as to what happens when their scheme arranges a buy-in or a full buy-out and transfers the scheme to a new provider.


Episode 4: Trustee protections on a scheme wind-up (17 October 2022)

Partner Duncan Buchanan and senior associate Charlotte Yeates take a deep-dive into the protections trustees should be thinking about on a scheme wind-up including missing beneficiary, incorrect benefits, residual risk and run-off insurance, policy gaps and exclusions and limitation periods. They also provide lots of practical tips on what trustees can do to minimise the risk of post-wind-up issues and discuss the importance of involving the employer.


Episode 3: Net zero commitments (13 July 2022)

Partners Faye Jarvis and Matthew Bullen discuss the rising trend of net zero commitments being made in the pensions industry, and how to balance conflicts. They explore a recent ESG court case and its potential implications for pension trustees.


Episode 2: Practical tips on the new transfer and stronger nudge requirements (3 May 2022)

Partners Edward Brown and Faye Jarvis provide practical guidance on navigating the new transfer regulations and share their thoughts on how trustees and administrators might manage the forthcoming stronger nudge requirements.


Episode 1: What you need to think about on a bulk transfer to Master Trust (28 February 2022)

Partners Duncan Buchanan and Faye Jarvis, discuss bulk transfers to master trusts and the considerations for employers and trustees to avoid any potential pitfalls.


You can also listen to HL PensionsPod, as well as the other Hogan Lovells Straight Talking podcasts, here or by searching "Hogan Lovells Straight Talking" or "HL PensionsPod" on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and any other popular podcast platforms. 


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